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TRIVIAL (The Usual)

Trivial offers excellent value for money and top-quality ingredients for clients looking for corporate catering, with savory meals – in compliance with the Workers’ Food Program of the Brazilian government, suggesting a calorie intake of 1,200 to 1,600 calories for the main meals of the day.

COZINHA LEVE (Light cuisine)

Conceived to bring healthier choices along with flavorful meals, Cozinha Leve uses both ingredients and recipes of low calorie content.

HORA DO LANCHE (Snack time)

Hora do Lanche is an additional choice for your daily menu, with the same quality standards.

NA CHAPA (The grill)

Serving different types of grilled meats, of the best grade. This choice can be requested according to the programming of each restaurant.

SABOR A MAIS (Extra flavor)

With this option, there will be an additional choice for the salad, the main course or maybe for dessert, offering a little extra flavor.

MESTRE CUCA (The chef)

Presenting choices such as risottos, pasta, sandwiches and omelettes, Mestre Cuca makes meals a special occasion, changing things up and introducing new flavors.